Patient Stories

Emmanuel George, of Crawfordville, had received the results of the routine blood work done to monitor his diabetes when his primary care physician referred him to an oncologist, Dr. Scott Tetreault at FCS.

“We started with chemo, but he and I had a conversation and decided I should have a bone marrow transplant at Shands,” George said. “The remission didn’t last long, so I came back and resumed treatment with Dr. Tetreault.”

George started getting treatments once a week and showed improvement to the point his treatments were cut back to every two weeks. Now, he gets treatment once a month.

“I’m in a clinical trial, and I like the treatment I’ve been receiving,” George said. “Everyone is so nice.”

Asked to describe Florida Cancer Specialists’ care, he replied, “One word: excellent!”

“I know they said there’s no cure for multiple myeloma,” George added, “but to see me, other than my bad knees, you’d never know I’m in cancer treatment.”

Dr. Tetreault said the advances over the past 25 years have meant that certain cancers, even if they can’t be cured, can be treated and managed for a very long time.

“We can put them in remission basically forever,” he said. “You can live with cancer, especially if the cancer treatment team is near your home.”

Emmanuel George

Multiple Myeloma
Patient Story - Emmanuel George