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Ric R

He Was Cheated Out Of His Early Retirement, Now He Has His Life Back

Ric and his wife were excited to retire early and spend their retirement traveling and exploring the world. However, after a poor reaction to surgery, Ric found himself battling a pulmonary embolism and blood clots in both legs. Due to clotting and the blood thinners, it was unsafe for him to travel.

In December 2022, Ric learned he would need surgery, but due to his blood clotting condition sought the help of a hematologist to ensure safety during surgery. Florida Cancer Specialists Medical Oncologist/Hematologist Dr. Brandon Konkel was able to alter his medications, which not only made his surgery safe but improved the quality of his life. Now, Ric and his wife plan to make up for lost time and travel as much as possible with their newfound freedom.

Ric R

Pulmonary Embolism
Ric Rudiger patient story