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Kathryn Bergeron

After a Tumor Self-Discovery, Patient Finds Compassionate Care With Her FCS Oncologist

When to worry about a breast lump, Kathryn’s journey though breast cancer began casually while watching TV.

After discovering a lump in her breast, Kathryn Bergeron learned she had breast cancer. Initially Kathryn was less concerned because the lump felt like it was underneath her rib and not directly on her breast. Luckily she decided to have it checked out anyway. After diagnostic testing Kathryn learned that what she thought was a single breast lump, was in reality five or six different tumors and she was met in the hospital by FCS Oncologist Swati Pathak, MD.

A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying, however Kathryn credits Dr.Pathak’s expertise and compassion for not only helping her get through her physical recover but also guiding her through the emotional impacts of a cancer diagnosis.

Kathryn Bergeron

Breast Cancer
Kathryn Bergeron patient story