Medical Insurance

Insurance and Financial Counselor Services

Medical bills, insurance claims, benefits and deductibles can be confusing and overwhelming. 

Florida Cancer Specialists (FCS) is committed to being a supportive resource for our patients. All FCS offices have a dedicated Financial Counselor who will be your point of contact for any insurance related questions while you are in the office. You will meet with a Financial Counselor during your initial visit and at any time you have questions about your account or coverage. The Financial Counselor can also discuss patient assistance programs that provide various types of support and may be able to assist with your medical and living expenses. 

Additionally, FCS has a centralized business office in Ft. Myers, FL that will verify your insurance coverage, obtain authorizations, file your insurance claims and work directly with your insurance company. You can contact our central business office at 1-877-327-2228 should any issues arise related to your insurance.

A dedicated Financial Counselor as a point of contact for any insurance related questions