Urgency. A powerful element in fighting cancer.



Photo of Chris Manis Chris Manis and his wife, Bonnie, were six months into their marriage and planning to start their family when they noticed he was getting pale and having trouble swallowing. High hemoglobin levels and an endoscopy revealed he had stage 3b esophageal adenocarcinoma. The diagnosis was devastating. They would have to put their plans for building their future on hold while Chris underwent more tests and treatment.

Both Chris and Bonnie work in the medical field, so they went to a colleague for Chris’ initial tests. The doctor referred him to Florida Cancer Specialists. Where he was originally diagnosed, Chris would have been placed into an oncology resident rotation program and it could have taken weeks to get his treatment started at another academic cancer center. But at Florida Cancer Specialists, he was contacted by his doctor within 24 hours of his diagnosis and was ready to start treatment three days later. His doctor took the time to get to know his condition and his specific needs, so Chris felt that he was completely taken care of.

Fast forward five years. After chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, Chris is in remission—and he and his son, Greyson, are inseparable. With twins on the way, Chris and Bonnie are ready for the next chapter of their lives.

“With a cancer diagnosis, every day counts. Without Florida Cancer Specialists, I might not be here to see my family grow.”
Chris Manis, Patient and Cancer Fighter

Photo of the Manis family

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