Perseverance. A powerful element in fighting cancer.



Chris Manis Thanksgiving is typically a time for families to celebrate and give thanks. For medical professional Chris Manis, it was not the case. As the holiday approached last year, he knew something was wrong. He was getting easily fatigued during golf, losing weight quickly and looking pale. His wife rightfully insisted he get checked out. He knew she was right, that he needed a battery of tests ASAP. So, he went to see a doctor. A host of tests were done and the news was not good. Chris was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. It was devastating to the affable family man, especially since it was a week before Thanksgiving, and his mother and father were coming to Florida for the holiday.

Working in the medical field offered an advantage, so Chris talked to a close friend and colleague who immediately, without hesitation, recommended Florida Cancer Specialists. With Chris’ test data and results, they took immediate action and got him on an aggressive treatment schedule. By Thanksgiving Day, he had already met his doctor, gone through more testing and discovered the cancer had not yet spread, making Thanksgiving far more celebratory because his family knew the diagnosis could have been so much worse.

Florida Cancer Specialists’ quick response and comprehensive, post-radiation drug plan saved Chris’ life. His golf game, however, hasn’t improved much, but he continues working on it with his young son at his side.

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