Optimism. A powerful element in fighting cancer.



Lynette Bell is a charismatic Navy and Air Force veteran diagnosed in 2011 with stage 4 follicular lymphoma. Because of her grandmother's previous battle with colon cancer, Lynette went to get checked for cervical cancer after she began experiencing some questioning symptoms. At her doctor’s office, her biopsy material was so compacted, that they couldn’t remove the tissue in a normal manner. That’s when Lynette knew something was seriously wrong.

Never once did she worry about herself, only how her diagnosis would affect her family. Being a woman of faith and positivity, Lynette prayed while being treated with radical chemo in addition to doing her first trial drug plan. It was working, but only for a short period of time before she went into remission.

In 2015, with her cancer in retreat, Lynette enthusiastically chased her sunshine daydreams to Florida to pursue a career in photography. However, during a routine visit with her family doctor here, the words she dreaded to hear again were spoken, that her cancer had returned. Hope was not lost though. In Lynette’s words, “it was divine intervention” when her doctor told her about Dr. Patel because she would have access to Phase 1 Clinical Trials at Florida Cancer Specialists. After researching these trials, she discovered that this where 84% of the cancer drugs in the US approved for use were tested.

Currently, Lynette’s on a successful treatment plan since starting her trials and has signed up for stem cell transplant. She’s hopeful science will keep her cancer-free so she can continue to capture the beauty of life through her camera’s lens.

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