Empathy. A powerful element in fighting cancer.



Jeanie Harris Self-described "Jeep girl" Jeanie Harris, an oncology nurse at Florida Cancer Specialists, was shocked when she discovered a lump in her breast weeks after a routine mammogram. She knew her journey would begin where she works, at a Florida Cancer Specialists clinic. Not only did she benefit from highly-specialized and local treatment, but her co-workers even dedicated their own paid time off so she could get her last surgery. It was all very humbling to the mother of three. Jeanie received positive feedback from her patients as they witnessed her battling cancer right alongside them. She always knew her co-workers were quality caregivers but being a patient gave her a fresh perspective. Jeanie experienced firsthand how special every patient feels when cared for at Florida Cancer Specialists. She took her meaningful experience as both caregiver and patient to Washington DC, marching for patient advocacy. Jeanie is still getting injections to reduce risk of reoccurrence but she’s one tough mudder who refuses to get bogged down by cancer.


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