Optimism. A powerful element in fighting cancer.



Photo of Marissa Lenney and her daughter Marissa Lenney was diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer five weeks after her daughter, Adrianna, was born. At only 27 years old, this cancer suddenly threatened the life she and her husband had built.

Marissa began noticing lumps in her breast during the later weeks of her pregnancy. When they didn’t go away, she spent multiple days in the hospital away from her newborn daughter before doctors confirmed her diagnosis. The aggressive nature of Marissa’s cancer meant that treatment needed to be started as soon as possible. Marissa’s doctor from Florida Cancer Specialists contacted her and began treatment less than 24 hours after her diagnosis.

Being treated at her local Florida Cancer Specialists, just 15 minutes from her home, allowed Marissa to soak up every mom moment that she could. It also meant that Marissa’s father could be with her at every chemo treatment, ready to raise her spirits with movies and plenty of laughter. The rest of her family rallied around her, too, helping take care of baby Adrianna and raising money for her treatment. From hosting backyard barbecues, to partnering with local businesses and running 5K races, they gave Marissa hope and confidence to keep fighting. And Florida Cancer Specialists gave her the world-class care and compassion she needed on her journey to remission.

“By getting treated locally at Florida Cancer Specialists, I was able to spend more time with the people who matter most — my family.”
– Marissa Lenney, Patient & Breast Cancer Fighter

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