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Dr. Jorge Ayub practices in Hudson, Land O’ Lakes and New Port Richey.

The quest to identify new breakthrough medicines for cancer patients involves more than rigorous research protocols – it also requires a deep passion for changing lives. Dr. Jorge Ayub, one of the physician leaders of Florida Cancer Specialists, combines his dedication to medicine with his devotion to his patients and their families to support the Florida Cancer Specialists research efforts.

Serving on the FCS Quality Committee, which creates all of FCS’s drug protocols, Dr. Ayub devotes time every day to one singular goal – making an even greater impact on the lives of cancer patients. His profound inspiration comes from the many lives impacted by research and fuels his passion for discovery.

FCS has built a library of drug protocols, but it must be constantly reviewed and updated to ensure the data is timely and accurate. Dr. Ayub, together with his dedicated team members, is tasked with researching, gaining approval and overseeing the mechanics of inputting each customized drug regimen into FCS’s software.

Dr. Ayub enjoys the attention to detail required for designing drug protocols. His meticulous work in research becomes an advantage for his patients. “You must be willing to keep up with the industry and your knowledge to be a good doctor, especially in this area,” he says. He points to a recent study that states if trained physicians stop reading medical journals or attending workshops and meetings on medical subjects, they would lose 50 percent of their knowledge in five years.

Being an oncologist requires rigorous medical discipline. Dr. Ayub’s energy is fueled by inspiration from his patients. “Nearly daily, I witness incidences of recovery and survival thanks to Florida Cancer Specialists’ multi-disciplined approach that has guided FCS to establish one of the leading clinical research programs in the state. I am excited by the rapid advancements we are making in conquering cancer and feel privileged to serve my patients,” said Dr. Ayub. “I love being an oncologist. It is the perfect blend of science and hope.”


I love being an oncologist. It is the perfect blend of science and hope.

- Dr. Jorge Ayub

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