Grounded in Science. Nurtured in Hope.



Dr. Philip Ndum practices in Palm Coast, FL.

When Dr. Philip Ndum says to a patient, “I know what you’re going through,” he means he personally knows. Remarkably, Dr. Ndum is  maintaining his busy oncology practice, in spite of the fact that he has advanced melanoma.

Such cancer among black men is very rare. Still, as a medical oncologist, he was acutely aware of all the warning signs for cancers. When he first noticed a spot under his toenail about five years ago, he decided to go for a biopsy. The first test came back negative; however, a few years later, he noticed the spot seemed slightly larger and he insisted on additional testing. His biopsy confirmed his worst fear; he was diagnosed with the deadly disease in 2016.

As a physician, Dr. Ndum knows firsthand the power of science – the newest therapies for fighting cancer.  As important, he has a powerful formula for ensuring he has hope.


“I am a man of great faith and that sustains me, I have faith in my doctors, faith in the new treatments that research has brought for melanoma, said Dr. Ndum.  “Above all, I have faith in God, the Great Healer. I am living proof for my patients that miracles do occur.”

Originally from Cameroon in western Africa, Dr. Ndum always wanted to become a doctor. He was an excellent student, earning scholarships to attend medical school at the University of Benin in Benin City, Nigeria. Following his graduation, Dr. Ndum joined the staff at a Catholic hospital in Cameroon and was so outstanding, he impressed visiting physicians who helped him further his education in the United States at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.  He eventually landed in Palm Coast in 2003, where he has practiced oncology ever since.

“Oncology appealed to me because it is an evolving field,” Ndum explained. “Other sub-specialties are well established and unchanging, but with oncology, there are many changes, sometimes on a weekly basis, because of all the research currently being conducted.” He is especially proud to practice at FCS because he feels like a valued member of a team.  “Our individual and collective priority is our patients.”

While Dr. Ndum is realistic about his prognosis, he is also hopeful and says that his patients are his inspiration. “Today, I have no limitations,” said Ndum. “I am working every day, doing a job that I truly love.”


“Today, I have no limitations. I am working every day, doing a job that I truly love.”

Dr. Phillip Ndum, Physician & Survivor — Palm Coast, FL

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