Faith. A powerful element in fighting cancer.



A photo of Joyce Dean Joyce Dean has more energy than most 70 year olds. She’s starting a second career in real estate and learning piano so she can play with the choir at her local church. She’s full of stories about love, family, and her days as the first African American professor at Edison Community College, now Florida SouthWestern State College. What you wouldn’t know is that Joyce has been living with cancer for more than 25 years. 

In December of 1994, Joyce went in for a routine annual physical. She was diagnosed with advanced multiple myeloma—a cancer with a grim prognosis at the time.

Joyce was referred to Dr. William Harwin, the founder of Florida Cancer Specialists, and she’s been a patient of his ever since. More than two decades later, Joyce credits her great faith and the outstanding care and treatment her doctors have given her with her survivorship.

Joyce sees life as a gift. So, with the support of her friends, family, and Florida Cancer Specialists, cancer has never been a source of fear for her—even when she was diagnosed with colon cancer, just five years after her initial diagnosis. Joyce lost a portion of her intestine and her gallbladder. But she never lost her faith.

Today, Joyce is focused on enjoying the things that feed her spirit inside and out—music, light, candles, and her garden—giving her the will to fight and never give up.

“Without Florida Cancer Specialists, I wouldn’t be here.”
Joyce Dean, Patient & Cancer Fighter

A photo of Joyce Dean

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