Determination. A powerful element in fighting cancer.



Margaret Metz considers herself a miracle. She had no symptoms of the stage 3 tumor living in her lung. No coughing. No hoarseness. No shortness of breath. She had no medical reason to suspect something was wrong. In fact, her primary care physician refused to give her the scan she asked for three times before she finally offered to pay for it out of pocket just so she would have the peace of mind.

Margaret has been a worry-wart her whole life, and she worried something was wrong. She got the chest X-Ray on a Thursday morning in March of 2015 despite being a-symptomatic. Later that day, she was driving two of her grandchildren home from riding lessons when her mobile phone rang with the news.

Driving with your grandchildren is the last place you want to be when you get a cancer diagnosis. You want to be in a place where it is safe to fall apart. But Margaret didn’t need to fall apart. Somehow she found peace in that moment – a peace that passes all understanding, she says.

Now that she knew her diagnosis, she could find an answer. Margaret just felt that if you’ve got the answer, then you can get the problem fixed. The answer to Margaret’s tumor was radiation oncology at Florida Cancer Specialists.

Margaret Metz When she told her children about the diagnosis, her son-in-law, a general surgeon in Clearwater, made some quick phone calls to put her in the hands of the best in the business – Florida Cancer Specialists. Her doctors there were the perfect team to help her shrink the tumor through radiation and knock it out with chemotherapy.

Margaret’s team at Florida Cancer Specialists had the science to zap her tumor and the compassion to make the experience comfortable for her. From her first trip to her FCS office, she felt surrounded by love. She was in the right hands, and the peace that brought her made her treatments more bearable. She went daily for 40 radiation oncology treatments to knock out her tumor.

She tells her church family and anyone who will listen that she could not have had a better team.

“Besides their amazing medical knowledge, everyone at Florida Cancer Specialists is so nice, caring, and warm. It makes the entire experience better.”

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