Florida Cancer Specialists First in Nation to Offer Next Generation PET/CT Technology

First in Nation to Have Siemens’ Latest Imaging Technology


Fort Myers, FL – July 11, 2016……… Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute (FCS) and Siemens Healthcare are pleased to announce that FCS’s Gladiolus office in Fort Myers, FL is the first community oncology location in the United States to have Siemens’ Biograph Horizon PET/CT Scanner, which utilizes a cutting-edge molecular imaging technology that enables faster PET/CT scans, lower injected dose and better image quality to support the identification of extremely small lesions.

FCS CEO Brad Prechtl said, “The Horizon’s high image quality helps our radiologists and physicians determine more accurate disease staging and an effective treatment strategy. Plus, with this new technology, we are now able to reduce the time it takes to do a scan, so that our patients are more comfortable. Gladiolus is the first location in our network to have this next-generation in PET/CT imagining technology; we are in the process of installing the fixed Horizon scanners in four other locations.”

FCS President and Founder Dr. William Harwin added,“We are also very excited to have another advanced technology in our mobile PET/CT units. We just introduced our first mobile unit with the Siemens mCT20 scanner, which is already accommodating patients in several locations in Pasco and Hernando Counties, and we will add two additional mobile units in the next few months. We are extremely proud to be able to offer our patients a new standard in imaging technology.”

Florida Cancer Specialists’ mCT20 units are the first on a mobile platform in the Southeast and offer several advantages for both clinicians and patients. Most notably, this scanner has a larger bore; the bore is the “doughnut” that patient is inserted into for scanning. The larger size allows for greater patient comfort and helps to reduce claustrophobia. Plus, the 20 slice CT allows for faster speed while scanning, thus reducing motion and increasing resolution of images.

Siemens PET/CT technology delivers excellent lesion detectability, spatial resolution and quantification accuracy. These advances in molecular imaging help our physicians learn critical details that result in meaningful improvements in our patient outcomes.