FCS Leadership Program | 2018 Graduates

FCS Leadership Program | 2018 Graduates

The Leadership Program goal is simple: to share strategies we think are key to creating future leaders at FCS. We introduce the leadership and business side of Florida Cancer Specialists that few people ever see. At the same time, we focus on strategies that are applicable for success. We challenge leaders to make the connection back to their area and learn to adapt and apply the philosophy.

The instructor led Leadership curriculum is two and a half days which includes courses such as Healthcare Law, Financial Literacy, Understanding FLMA, ADA and Workers’ Compensation and much more! 

Leadership Meeting 2018

Pictured in photo |

Floor: Janet Worts, HN; Tara McLeod, HR; Sara Jones, Adm; Victoria Leon, Keiser Volunteer; Miranda Newsome, Care Mgt; Rhett Wilkerson, Revenue Cycle; Kiara Neely, Care Mgt

2nd Row: Maureen Richardson, OM; Jenny Donahue, HN; Amanda Kimmel, HN; Karen Brennan , Acct; Jeri Alexander, Lab; Leah Chance, OM; Michelle Weil, OM;  Stacie Brink, OM; Christine McHugh, OM; Dannette Ball, OM

Back Row: Sam Tocco, IT; Jacob Diaz, Lab; Brett Blum, Revenue Cycle; Jana Kutzko, Pharmacy; Jimmy Khun, Mktg; Todd Schonherz, COO; Jennifer Bar-Nar, Research; Margie Simonetta, Research, Paula Willis, Acct; Andrew Gerrard , OM