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Care Management

Care Management is an emerging program at Florida Cancer Specialists that utilizes a team approach to deliver quality care to our patients. The Care Team consists of YOU (our patient), your physician/nurse practitioner, the RN Care Manager, pharmacist, nutritionist, clinic staff and several others. The Care Team is designed to optimize each patient’s health status and quality of life. You will have an individualized care plan that is developed through collaboration between you, your physician and the Care Team. To contact a member of the Care Management Team please call: 855-327-6112.

There are three phases of Care Management:

Navigation: In this initial phase, the RN Care Manager (Navigator) will introduce you and your family to the program and explain the purpose, focus and approach of Care Management. The Navigator will call you to assist with the required paperwork, which includes a review of systems, your medication list, family history and general demographics. Your physician and other members of the Care Team will also have access to this information prior to your first appointment, which will enhance delivery of the quality care you deserve. Having these elements in place before you arrive for your appointment will decrease the amount of time spent waiting and allow more time with your doctor and the
Care Team.

Active Care Management/Triage: The second, or acute, phase will be very important as you begin active treatment. During treatment, side effects can occur. Your personal Care Manager will be instrumental in working with you and your physician to manage any symptoms you may experience and to ensure your comfort and quality of life. In addition to coordinating your care, your Care Manager is also available for emotional support and to act as a point of contact for you. Communication is of extreme importance during this time; your Care Manager will collaborate with you and all other members of the team to guarantee that your individualized care plan is followed and updated, as needed.

Survivorship: This is the third phase of the Care Management program. Today, there are more than 14 million cancer survivors in the United States alone and that number is expected to grow as we continue winning the battle against cancer. By definition, you become a survivor at the time of diagnosis and will continue to be a survivor through the rest of your life.

There are three phases of survivorship, including:
  • Diagnosis of your cancer:
    Survivorship is introduced at the time you are initially diagnosed with cancer. This phase is highlighted by our commitment to your education about your disease and the latest treatment options available, as well as world class personalized care.
  • Treatment of your cancer:
    During this phase, your individualized plan of care is developed and implemented by your personal Care Team.
  • Life after cancer:
    This may be the most important phase of survivorship. You will be assigned a Survivorship Coordinator to assist you after your treatment is completed. A tailored plan of care will be developed by your Care Team that will allow you to resume your busy life.
If you have any questions or concerns you would like to discuss with the Care Management Team, please call: 855-327-6112.